5G NR Pilot test

SK Telecom, Ericsson, Qualcomm to conduct joint 5G NR trial | ZDNet

SK telecom and Ericsson conduct field trials for 5G New Radio.

Ericsson has already unveiled 5G New Radio system. 5G NR specification is not frozen, but partially. That system "AIR 6468" has capability for upgrading 5G NR system. SK will use it. Because it is important for such a operators to rollout the elastic 5G system which is upgradable to 3GPP based.

Why should SK conduct field trial even though 5G is not frozen? Because SK have to launch 5G commercial service by Pyongyang Winter Olympic Game. So SK want to accumulate knowledge of the 5G New Radio. Otherwise, using LTE radio access technology may be the alternative in early 5G commercial service.

In 5G, mobile network operator should accumulate knowledge of not only mm/cm radio wave propagation but also radio technology such as New Radio. For rolling out 5G system, mobile operator should try to solve many problems.